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Why Summer Refrigerated Display Counters Energy Increase
Feb 22, 2017

In for regulation of process in the rendering fault of practices, dang Cabinet inside of temperature once arrived 0 line 15 degrees of time, Cabinet also wants to temperature again reduced words is compared hard of, wants to arrived set of temperature, compressor on will needs long-term of job, such of great of effect to Cabinet energy big, so in summer regulation cabinet temperature is to has a limit, cannot adjustable of low. During operation should be as small as possible to open doors once opens the door inside, the coolness of leaks, will lead the Cabinet internal temperature rises, will form the Cabinet internal temperature does not go on, let the compressor is in operation for a long time and add their power consumption.

Due to environment temperature is compared high of, on Cabinet internal temperature has must of effect, environment temperature more high of words on will led cabinet thermal function variable slow, and Cabinet inside of temperature if wants to reduced is compared hard of, led energy added of situation, Cabinet cannot will Cabinet placed in temperature compared high of environment Xia using, in operation of process in the also need do ventilation ventilation of measures, don't across wall too near, also not in Cabinet around heap full debris.

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