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What Are The Factors That Determine The Price Of Refrigerated Display Cabinets
Feb 22, 2017

Any piece of the origin of commodity prices has its own way, labour is different at different times, different economic levels, the cost of which is directly related to the pricing of this product on the market in the future, I will take a look at what are the factors that determine the price of refrigerated display cabinets?

1, the compressor. Supermarket freezer compressor is very important, with a supermarket freezer, if you are using the common compressors, its price will be much lower, if you are using a famous brand compressor or compressor for its performance for better protection, the price is relatively higher. So when we buy the supermarket freezer, be sure to ask which brand compressor, how is its performance.

2, internal and external, compressor built-in, interior noise, but the price will be lower compressor outside, interior noise, the relative prices are lower. We bought the supermarket freezer if size is less than 1800L, suggested a built-in type, capacity greater than 1800L recommended buying external.

3, material. Material plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, well higher materials prices.

4, capacity and size. General supermarket freezer size increases, the larger capacity, higher prices.

5, cooling mode. Air cooling and cooling, generally air cooled the cooling speed, the higher the price.

6, with mist function. Defogging function of a supermarket freezer, glass will have a heating wire, this technology price to be higher.

7, copper tube, aluminium tube, alloy tube prices are not the same, good supermarket freezers now tend to use copper pipe.

8, control system, good temperature control system is relatively high, but very good.

9, supermarket freezer is there moisture-proof design.

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