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Refrigerated Display Cabinets Running Long Time Why More And More
Feb 22, 2017

Why refrigerated display cabinets running longer and longer, a lot of people have this question, is something wrong with the machine refrigeration, or there are other reasons, encountered such a thing how can we solve.

Under normal conditions the machine we use is, temperature sensors, temperature of the control cabinet to determine the machine's operation, when after a while the machine is running, the temperature reaches the set value, the temperature sensor will control the compressor stops working, and as the temperature rises, the temperature sensor will make the compressor start, and so on.

If the machine door is not strict: romances between lax if the door, may result in insufficient air within the Cabinet. Hot air from outside into inside will increase the temperature in the Cabinet, so the display case running time is getting longer and longer, more and more frequently.

Secondly, every time you put too much food: at runtime, refrigerating capacity per unit of time is constant, it will demand more food down to the temperature, we need more time.

Third, the locker stall adjustment doesn't fit: when the locker stalls are too high, down more low temperatures, reaching set point down, the longer, if the ambient temperature is too high, stalls are too high, cake display cabinet may not stop.

IV, when the cake display cabinet ambient temperature is too high, cake display cabinet heat more slowly, resulting in the drop in temperature will also slow, so a long boot time.

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