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Refrigerated Display Cabinet Temperature Instability Is What Causes
Feb 22, 2017

Refrigerated display cabinet the most important function is to freeze and display functions, under normal circumstances, our freezer is basically no problem, but if the temperature is not stable is a headache problem. Here are simple and introduce you to the Cabinet the temperature is the temperature of what are the main reasons?

On a hot summer day, do not let products in the Sun or high temperature long placed on the ground, in the number does not need to cut open the door, this will make the temperature inside the Cabinet declined, and reduced power consumption!

Small cupboard to turn off the compressor. Full close compressor power is small, typically. Quote sales; medium door products typically use a closing pressure of selection, shrinking machine; a large number of products selected half-close compressor. Also consider using ammonia refrigeration compressors, power due to the ammonia refrigeration compressor and a multi-purpose machine, but many cabinets to choose air cooler evaporators, devices, and other comparison is trivial. Several Cabinet choices of a refrigeration system for multi-product quality is the most important. Separate cabinet for fruit freezer unit refrigeration compressor.

General freezers tried to explain the number, used when the summer when temperature reached 32 degrees with use in the environment at 25 ℃ around twice times difference in power consumption. If you use the higher the ambient temperature, the temperature in the Cabinet more difficult down: because the higher the ambient temperature, heat will slow within the Cabinet, cabinet temperature drops slowly, Nanjing refrigerator starting time lengthens, power consumption is increased. Elevated ambient temperature, because of excessive temperature difference between inside and outside, Cabinet insulation thermal velocity is faster, but can lead to loss of cooling capacity, resulting in shorter moments of downtime, echoing the starting time will be longer, resulting in increased power consumption.

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