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How To Use Horizontal Freezer
Mar 10, 2018

1. The freezer should pay attention to whether the position is reasonable and whether it is convenient for heat dissipation. But also need to check the family's power supply, whether grounded, whether it is a dedicated line.

2. Before use, the user should carefully read the attached product manual to check the various parts. The commonly used power supply is mostly 220V, 50Hz single-phase AC power supply. In normal operation, the voltage fluctuation is allowed to be between 187-242V. If the fluctuation is large or high or low, it will affect the normal operation of the compressor and even burn the compressor. .

3. Freezer should use single-phase three-hole socket, separate wiring. Pay attention to the protection of the insulation of the power cord. Do not rewire the cord. Do not change or lengthen the cord at will.

4. After the inspection is correct, it should be allowed to stand for 2 to 6 hours before turning on again to avoid oil circuit failure (after handling). After the power is turned on, carefully listen to whether the sound of the compressor during start-up and operation is normal or not, whether there are sounds from pipelines striking each other, if the noise is too loud, check whether the circuit is stable, whether the pipelines are in contact, and do the corresponding Adjustment. If there is a large abnormal sound, immediately cut off the power and contact professional repair personnel.

5. The load reduction operation is to be started at the beginning of use because the new moving parts have a running-in process. After a period of time, add a lot of time, so that you can extend the life.

6. For the first time use, the food stored should not be too much. There should be a proper space to keep the cold air flowing. Try to avoid full load for a long time. The hot food should be allowed to cool to room temperature before putting in, so as not to cause the freezer cabinet to stop for a long time. Food should be sealed with a fresh-keeping bag or plastic wrap or placed in a sealed container to prevent moisture, water loss and odor. Foods with water should be removed after the water is removed so as to prevent excessive amounts of moisture from evaporating and forming excessive frost. Note that the freezer should not be placed in liquids or glassware to prevent frost cracking. Volatile, flammable chemicals, corrosion-prone acids and alkalis should not be placed in order to avoid damage.


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