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How To Reduce The Cold Loss Of Cold Storage(2)
Jul 01, 2017

Reasonable boot control appropriate evaporation temperature:

1.Refrigeration compressor is the most important power consumption equipment in cold storage. In the design of cold storage, the machine is generally determined according to the maximum mechanical load condition in the whole year to meet the peak demand of heat load. However, in actual operation, due to the existence of seasonal changes in food processing and cold storage, temperature and diurnal changes of annual changes in other factors, compressor full load operation time matching often design time is short, low load operation time is long, so most of the time in the operation of the compressor is less than the design load operation conditions and the energy saving potential. At present, the majority of cold storage is still manual operation, adjust the boot, blind boot phenomenon is widespread. The premise of ensuring the quality of stored food is the suitable temperature of cold storage in the cold storage, which is also an indicator of the energy saving of the system. Because of the suitable temperature, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the house can be reduced, which will reduce the cold load and reduce the power load of the refrigeration system.

2.When the same amount of cold is produced, increasing the evaporating temperature can reduce the power consumption of the compressor. Because when the condensing temperature is constant, the increase of evaporation temperature, suction pressure of the compressor increases correspondingly, steam inhalation volume reduced, the refrigerating capacity per unit volume is increased, and the compression ratio is reduced, the gas transmission coefficient is increased, energy consumption reduced by the same amount of cold.

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