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Get Rid Of The Odor In The Refrigerated Display Cabinet Coup
Feb 22, 2017

Refrigerated display cabinets in use for some time, locker will give off a smell, how to get rid of odors is a headache problem, many people use many methods, but they didn't get very good results, for this is a headache, please allow the following Ou Xue to explain several decomposition odor small coup.

1, using the storage box and bag.

Different kinds of food in storage, it is best to put in Ziploc bags, apart. Such food is self-explanatory, and avoid cross contamination. Save time in the Cabinet is limited to food, cooked longer, raw food is slightly shorter, but for a long time may degenerate, will cause some pollution to Cabinet.

2, raw meat is first cleaned and then stored.

Meat bought back, it is best to rinse with clean water, and rushed to the floating dust, dirt, dry after a while and packed in Tupperware or Ziploc bags, placed in the freezer.

3, put before the Cabinet you want to filter, and fruits and vegetables.

First filter out which vegetables not for put in cake show cabinet in, this is because, first, this class vegetables General are with soil, directly put into Cabinet will pollution its environment, second, on vegetables itself of nutrition and save for, also should not be put in Cabinet in the, like small rape not only leaves will faster rot bad, also may due to enzyme and bacteria of common role Xia, generated Asia nitrate.

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