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Freezer Of Choose The Way
Oct 14, 2017

First, the purchase of freezer Note: freezer Although it is not simply "food freezer", but the function of the core of the freezer or fresh.

Second, look at the energy consumption of products: freezer is a well-known "electric tiger", therefore, choose a small power consumption of energy-saving refrigerator, but for you to save money after the wise move. In the energy consumption logo, do not jump into the trap. As long as the adherence to the "freezing force, a energy-saving can not be less" the principle of second-hand grasping, out of the fog and the confusion is basically no problem.

Third, the volume of the product to see the freezer: the size of the freezer in the market at least thousands of small, freezer is to buy their own use, so must be based on their own needs to buy, not because others say to buy Big style, to buy a large, can not listen to others say to buy a small, small, to buy a small volume, must proceed from their actual situation, do not blindly blindly choose.

Fourth, your product is not necessarily the best product, but a brand of products, its quality and price is proportional to, depends on the manufacturers of product positioning is high or low.


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