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Christmas Day Is Coming. Does Your Equipment Work Normally?
Nov 15, 2017


                                                                      Alen  2017/11/15

1.Before the use of refrigeration equipment, need to do a good job of inspection

Before the refrigeration equipment is opened, the running state of the compressor is normal, and then check whether the opening and closing of the manual valves on the refrigeration system pipeline is correct or not. Check the safety valve, pressure gauge, liquid level indicator and the front stop valve and the pressure equalizing valve on each device. But the charging valve and oil collector, air release valve, release valve, air valve should be closed. Check whether the refrigerant level in the reservoir and other equipment is within the required range.704647659179525830.jpg

2. How to keep the refrigeration equipment in a safe operating environment

The safety of the running environment decides the specific service life of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment to maintain stability in the actual installation process, first of all need to use electric safety of refrigeration equipment, Xiaobian recommended refrigeration equipment installation process, need power supply device for refrigeration equipment installation and safety control independently, the voltage and current effective meet the refrigeration equipment, normal operation, and separate power supply, can avoid all kinds of overload problems which influence the normal operation of the refrigeration equipment, even in the long running state, also does not appear any security issues.

3.Keep a clean and hygienic running environment

Keep the refrigeration equipment installation environment hygiene, can prolong the life of the refrigeration equipment, if refrigeration equipment in harsh environment, impact on key parts of life is very large, especially for a lot of water-cooled refrigeration equipment, the environment is more demanding, clean environment, to reduce production of refrigeration equipment on the dirt the play a crucial role.

multideck vegetable fruits.jpg

4.The use of Freon cooling should be carefully maintained

Many refrigeration equipment and equipment can reduce the environmental temperature through Freon. Therefore, in the actual use process, users can improve the cooling effect by injecting high quality refrigerants.

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