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Adjust The Temperature Of The Refrigerated Display Cabinets Tips
Feb 22, 2017

The temperature of the refrigerated display cabinets have a lot of stalls, we need to adjust according to the refrigerated goods, each stall is different, control the temperature will vary, so what we need to know what product is suitable for temperature, then the cabinet temperature control gear regulating

Milk, beer, fruit juice is 2 c ~6 c, such as cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables for the 3~8℃. All fit in the refrigerator freezer. 1-2 eat fish, the meat is the best cold storage temperature 0 ℃, which not only don't have to thaw, can be cut with a knife, and adhere to good nutrition, taste and tender, delicious. Prepared 1-2 week to eat fish and meat will have to put in the freezer.

Relevant scientific data. Adhere to the original; 0 c for refrigerated temperature 0~2℃ insulation and food kept at 0 c, 2~8℃ fruit freezer temperature cold storage temperature can make vegetables, fruit, eggs, beer, beverages and refrigerated to keep refrigerated. Not freezes, nutrition not loss, can short-term store 1-2 days edible of fish meat, fresh not discount; -2~-14 ℃ of variable temperature temperature district, which including water temperature refrigerated district ( -2~-3 ℃) micro-frozen refrigerated ( -3~-5 ℃) soft frozen ( -6~-8 ℃) mild frozen ( -10~-14 ℃) four a temperature district, fruit refrigerated cabinet not only can is good of insisted food of nutrition not loss, and can insisted fresh taste; -18~-21 ℃ frozen temperature district meat, and fish, and Foods such as frozen foods can be stored longer, freeze fast, frozen longer. Fruit cooler is based on the scientific analysis of internal storage requirements for storage of food, energy think tank drilling refrigerator rongshida launch health it corresponds to form 4-zone frozen, truly different foods, health cold storage effect of the distinction.

Cold storage temperature about 5 degrees centigrade. Retention period of about one week, can be frozen raw and cooked foods. Fruits and vegetables should be kept within the fruit and vegetable box (refrigerated temperature is 8 ℃) wrap with freezer paper.

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